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Campus as a Living Lab Internship Program

The Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) Internship  is a coordinated program offered by the Center for Environmental Biology and the Global Sustainability Resource Center. The internship provides students the opportunity to learn through applied research and exposure to a range of projects contributing to the overall sustainability of UCI’s physical operations and systems. Sierra magazine has twice named UCI the “#1 Cool School” in the nation. The campus has consistently ranked among the top ten for promoting sustainability in both operational practices and academics, recognition that reflects our campus commitment. The Campus as a Living Lab Internship brings to life these campus values, while preparing students to excel in future environmental careers.

Applications for 2016-2017 are open. Participation during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters is required. Successful applicants will enroll as interns in BIO SCI 197: “Campus Living Lab” with Dr. Travis Huxman. They will meet in class 1 hour per week and earn BIO SCI 199 credit by participation in sustainability-focused research, education, and outreach projects. As part of this program, interns will work directly with campus faculty and staff in select offices, departments, and facilities. Interns who participate in the program for more than one year will gain the opportunity to develop their own independent research projects on relevant topics. CLL consists of a minimum of two units each quarter for three-four hours/week per unit.

If you are interested in applying to the Campus as a Living Lab Internship program, please submit your completed application to Matthew Garrambone via email to mgarramb@uci.edu by May 15, 2016. Prerequisite: Must have taken Bio Sci 194s prior to fall enrollment.

CLL Application_2016-2017

If you need more space on the application, please attach a separate pdf to your email when you submit.