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About the Center

The Center for Environmental Biology (CEB) in the School of Biological Sciences was established in March 2010 to facilitate research, education, and outreach in biological science to help develop innovative new solutions to environmental problems. We are applying science to conserve the wonderful biodiversity in our own backyard.

The Center provides (1) a forum for information exchange within the campus community, (2) a recognized core of expertise visible through conferences, workshops, websites, and publications, (3) coordinated research facilities and infrastructure that serves a community of researchers, educators, and decision makers, and (4) linkages between UCI and external agencies and organizations that have an immediate need for research and students trained in environmental biology.

CEB Mission

To link academic research with ecosystem management and stewardship of natural resources, and to educate the next generation of environmental biologists and stewards.

CEB Vision

Biological resources are a critical component of environmental sustainability. Land, aquatic, and marine ecosystems provide many essential functions that sustain air, water, climate, food, and social systems. It is increasingly challenging to manage these resources in response to multiple stresses and environmental disturbances such as climate change, pollution, land use change, and exotic species invasions. New advances in biological research are providing methods to better understand how organisms and ecosystems influence the environment and how they respond to environmental change. Working in partnership with ecosystem and resource managers, UC Irvine faculty are collaborating to conduct solutions-oriented research in environmental biology, and train the next generation of stewards of biological resources.

Travis Huxman

Travis Huxman came to UC Irvine in July of 2012 from the University of Arizona, where he was Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Director of UA’s Biosphere 2. He is an ecologist who conducts research on the evolution of plant traits and the impacts of climate change on ecosystems. Travis has worked in deserts, grasslands, and forests throughout North and South America, studying the physiological underpinnings of plant and ecosystem processes. Read more about Travis Huxman here.