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The Center for Environmental Biology (CEB) facilitates research, education, and outreach in conservation and restoration science to help develop innovative new solutions to environmental problems. We use science to conserve and maintain biodiversity.

The center provides: (A) forum for information exchange within the campus community. (B) Recognized core of expertise visible through conferences, workshops, websites, and publications. (C) Coordinated research facilities and infrastructure that serves a community of researchers, educators, and decision makers. (D) Linkages between UCI and external agencies and organizations that have an immediate need for research and students trained in environmental biology.

CEB Mission

To link academic research with the conservation, restoration, and stewardship of natural systems, and to educate the next generation of environmental biologists and stewards.

CEB Vision

Natural ecosystems provide many essential functions that sustain air, water, climate, food, and social systems. These precious resources are experiencing multiple stresses and environmental disturbances such as climate change, pollution, land use change, and non-native species invasions. New advances in conservation and restoration science are providing methods to better understand how organisms and ecosystems influence the environment and how they respond to environmental change. Working in partnership with local community members, conservation organizations, and resource managers, UC Irvine students, staff, and faculty are collaborating to conduct solutions-oriented research in environmental biology, and to train the next generation of environmental stewards.

The mission and vision of CEB aligns perfectly with the third pillar of the UCI strategic plan:  Great Partners.  CEB conducts collaborative research with multiple community groups, and provides immersive research experiences to community members, including K-12 students.

Programs Related

to the Center

Masters in Conservation and Restoration Science(MCRS)

The Masters in Conservation and Restoration Science (MCRS) is a professional degree program designed to provide the graduate with the skills and knowledge base necessary to hold leadership and management positions in environmental fields related to conservation, restoration, and sustainability. This is a highly collaborative program, portions of which will embed students into real-world conservation and restoration settings through community partnerships.


UCI-NATURE offers UC Irvine’s faculty and students opportunities to bring their research, scholarship, teaching, public service, and developing careers out into the natural environment in a wide diversity of settings characteristic of California. UC Irvine directly oversees four protected natural areas, two of which include lodging facilities and are about a three hour drive from Irvine, and two of which are within walking distance of campus. UCI-NATURE also maintains partnership agreements that facilitate access to additional natural areas and facilities not directly managed by the University.