Sarah Kimball, Director

Sarah Kimball is the Director of the Center for Environmental Biology and an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is a plant evolutionary ecologist who studies links between plant traits and community composition.  Her research investigates how ecological systems respond to global change while providing tools that are useful to restoration and conservation.

Jennifer LongJennifer Long, Education and Outreach Coordinator and Acting Director of MCRS Program

Jennifer Long oversees the CEB Education & Outreach interns. She studies science learning in informal environments, including science centers, after-school programs, and educational media. More specifically, her work focuses on the effectiveness of designed environments for helping people learn about the natural world.

Priscilla Ta, Field Technician

Priscilla Ta joined CEB as our field technician after having served as an excellent CEB intern for two years.  She has extensive experience in plant ecology research.

Haley Heesch, Field Technician

Haley Heesch joined CEB as our field technician. She has a strong background in wildlife camera monitoring and is expanding her expertise in plant ecology research.

Moises Perea-Vega, Field Technician

Moises Perea-Vega joined CEB and UCI-NATURE as our field technician after having served as an excellent CEB intern for over two years.  He has extensive experience in field ecology research.