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2013-14 CEB Interns

Andi BruceAndi Bruce, Research Intern B.A. Environmental Studies, San Francisco State University

“I am strongly interested in microbial ecology and the role of fungi in restoration.  I am leading an independent research project co-hosted by CEB and the Treseder Lab to examine fungal facilitators of ecosystem services at existing restoration sites in Orange County.  This fall (2014) I will apply to masters’ programs to pursue research in bioremediation with a mycological focus.”


Kinshuk ChatterjeeKinshuk Chatterjee, Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student; Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Minor: Global Sustainability

“I am interested in studying the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems, and developing integrative, policy-based solutions. Majoring in ecology has given me a strong background in science, but working as an Education and Outreach Intern has helped me better comprehend the human aspect of environmental problems. A key component in enacting policy changes is making sure that people understand the issues, and education is a critical part of this process. Working with Crystal Cove Alliance has given me the ability to help people of all ages appreciate the environment, and understand its importance to society. I believe this understanding is critical for anyone who is interested in leaving a positive influence on the world around them.”

Katherine ChinKatherine Chin, Research / Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student, Major: Earth & Environmental Science, Minors: Global Sustainability and Education“For the longest time, I’ve always known that I always want to have a positive impact on the environment and on people. I really loved being in the field whether it was collecting data during research or interacting with visitors and students during Education and Outreach events. I definitely have gained a lot of knowledge from the program and hope to apply it in future endeavors.”


Jasmine DomingoJasmine Domingo, Research / Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student, Major: Earth System Science“I am extremely passionate about the environment and education. My work as a CEB intern has allowed me to educate the public about the subject that I enjoy the most and I hope it can help lead me to a future career in science education.”



Danny FelicianoDanny Feliciano, Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student, Major: Urban Studies, emphasis in Sustainability“Coming from the School of Social Ecology, you might think it’s strange for me to intern within the natural sciences. I was definitely nervous, but from the very first day of orientation CEB could not have been more welcoming of a student from a different academic background. On the cusp of my final year at UC Irvine and having not done anything worthwhile, I took a chance and now work with CEB and Crystal Cove Alliance as an Education & Outreach intern.  This past year has provided me with much needed field experience and encouraged me to start honing my skills in preparation for life post-grad. To anyone considering applying for the program, regardless of major, go for it! I cannot recommend it enough.”

Alicia FongAlicia Fong, Research / Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student, Major: Earth System Science, Minors: Global Sustainability & Anthropology”Being able to explore hidden parts of Orange County with CEB is definitely a privilege. There is not a  better internship that allows you to hike and look at amazing California native plants at the same time!”



Nikki LarsonNikki Larson, Research Intern 3rd year UC Irvine Student, Major: Earth System Science, Minor: Global Sustainability“I currently serve as ASUCI’s Sustainability Commissioner and head of The Green Initiative Fund at UCI, and hold jobs at Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility and Claire Trevor’s Department of Art. By participating in the CEB’s research internship program this year, I have gained hands-on experience in the field and gotten to explore career options. I hope to pursue a future in sustainability in graduate school and beyond.”


Hailey LaskeyHailey Laskey, Research / Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student, Major: Public Health Science, Minor: Earth & Atmospheric Science“I am very interested in conservation, sustainability and informal science education. I enjoyed the opportunity to be mentored by and work closely with professionals in environmental science.”



Elyse MarshElyse Marsh, Research / Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student, Major: Environmental Science, Minor: Global Sustainability“Someday, I hope to be able to work in a place that is doing conservation work, and would love to be able to travel and get to do some hands on work. I like this program a lot because it provides so many different insights into the areas we’re studying.  I’ve gotten to learn how to educate children in science, as well as get to really be out in the field doing research.”


Bertha MokBertha Mok, Research Intern 3rd year UC Irvine Student, Major: Earth System Science, specializing in Hydrology and Terrestrial Ecosystems“I have always had a passion for the environment ever since I read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Although the future is still unknown, I hope that one day I’ll have a career in environmental science. I love the research internship program with CEB because there’s always something exciting to do! My favorite part is the hands-on fieldwork at Loma Ridge and Crystal Cove. It was great to have the chance to go outdoors and assist with ecological restoration projects and research.”


Liz Neihaus Liz Neihaus, Research / Education & Outreach Intern 4th year UC Irvine Student, Major: Earth System Science, specializing in Geoscience, and CalTeach Program“My goal is to be a STEM educator. As part of the CalTeach program at UCI, I am in the process of completing a rigorous 4-year program that allows me to earn my teaching credential as soon as I graduate with my B.S.. In addition to being a Research Intern for CEB, I am currently involved in education research which focuses on the ability of informal science education to promote system’s thinking in 9 to 10 year-olds, and also doing STEM education and outreach at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana for CaSTL (Center for Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit) at UCI.”

Mackenzie PeichMackenzie PeichEducation & Outreach Intern 1st year UC Irvine Student, Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Minor: Global Sustainability“After college I want to do wildlife biology research and work in conservation biology. This program has given me experiences that freshman do not usually get and I feel it is better preparing me for my future academic career.”



Rachel PenningtonRachel Pennington, Education & Outreach Intern 1st year UC Irvine Student, Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology”I hope to one day work in restoration ecology and education, and I found the citizen science cruises to be my favorite part of the internship.”