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CEB Internship Program

The mission of the CEB internship program is to engage interns in authentic environmental research and outreach experiences to enhance their expertise in science, education, and outreach, especially related to the management of natural resources.

CEB runs a year-long internship program open to all UCI undergraduates.  UCI student interns receive academic credit through Bio Sci 197: CEB Internship (Dr. Huxman is listed as the Instructor of Record) and may additionally receive credit through Bio Sci 199, ESS 198, or ESS 199. Prerequisite: Must have taken Bio Sci 194s by fall enrollment (1-unit, online Safety & Ethics course).

Applications are accepted each May for the following academic year.  Please fill out the application–a link is at the bottom of this page–and return it to Bio Sci III, Rm 3104 or via email to Jennifer Long.  Students selected to be interviewed will be notified via email with instructions on how to sign up for an interview.  Interviews will be conducted before the end of Spring Quarter.


CEB Intern Field Day:  Saturday, October 6, 2018

CEB Intern Education & Outreach Day: Saturday, November 3, 2018




CEB interns participate in ecological research projects related to conservation and restoration in Orange County.  Interns  work directly with local land managers and UCI scientists.  Projects are conducted in a combination of field, lab, and greenhouse settings.  The program consists of a full year of 199 units in addition to at least one unit of Bio Sci 197 (the CEB Internship course).  Training and cohort-building activities during the Fall Quarter  develop research skills such as plant identification, vegetation sampling methods, and operation of specialized equipment.  During Winter and Spring Quarters, interns  focus on collecting data in the field.  Interns attend weekly meetings throughout the internship to discuss relevant literature, data analysis, and other topics related to our research projects.  Interns who participate in the program for more than one year have the opportunity to develop their own, independent projects related to our ongoing research program.



CEB interns participate in informal, K-12, and after-school education programs and work to translate complex science to public audiences. Interns  participate in communicating science at Crystal Cove State Park in the marine field station, on board the Citizen Science cruises, at the Environmental Study Loop, at the Back Bay Science Center, and on the Irvine Ranch.  This internship is designed for students interested in gaining more exposure and experience in teaching and informal science education. The program involves a full year of Bio Sci 197 units with the Fall Quarter focused on cohort building and training at UCI and in the field, and Winter and Spring Quarters focused on getting experience teaching and communicating in the field.  There is also a possibility of participating in a paid Summer Program focused on student-scientist pairings and student-directed projects. The internship benefits students either already in the Cal Teach program, or considering Cal Teach, and especially those who hope to work in informal science education settings (e.g. parks, zoos, aquaria) by helping them to make informed decisions about future career opportunities. Students from any major are welcome to apply.

If you are interested in applying to the CEB Internship program, please download our application, save it to your computer, fill it out, and then return it via email to Jennifer Long (CEB Education & Outreach Coordinator) or print a hard copy and return it Bio Sci III, Rm 3104.

CEB Intern Application 2018-2019